Attack on Titan Guidebook: Inside and Out on Titan Guidebook: Inside and Out by Hajime Isayama

Go behind the walls and discover the secrets of Attack on Titan! 

Fan Art Art by Sarah Tregay 

Unexpectedly falling in love with his best friend at the end of senior year, Jamie unsuccessfully hides his affections from the giggling girls in his art class who work as matchmakers to bring the couple together

Dark Metropolis Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore

Sixteen-year-old Thea's mother is sinking deeper into mental illness since her husband was reported missing, presumed dead, during the war, but it is the disappearance of Thea's best friend, Nan, that allies her with Freddy, whose magical abilities are connected with the sinister city's darkest secrets.

Grisha Series

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Orphaned by the Border Wars, Alina Starkov is taken from obscurity and her only friend, Mal, to become the protegé of the mysterious Darkling, who trains her to join the magical elite in the belief that she is the Sun Summoner, who can destroy the monsters of the Fold.

Read the entire series:
  1. Shadow and Bone
  2. Siege and Storm
  3. Ruin and Rising 

Summer of Yesterday!horizon&index=.TW&term=Summer+of+Yesterday++.AW%3DTriana&x=13&y=15&aspect=subtab255Summer of Yesterday by Gaby Triana

As she struggles with her parents' divorce, seventeen-year-old Haley is mysteriously transported to a theme park in the past where she finds love and meets her teenaged mother and father.


Enemy by Charles Higson

After a disease turns everyone over sixteen into brainless, decomposing, flesh-eating creatures, a group of teenagers leave their shelter and set out of a harrowing journey across London to the safe haven of Buckingham Palace.

Read the entire series:
  1. The Enemy
  2. The Dead
  3. The Fear
  4. The Sacrifice
  5. The Fallen 

The Game!horizon&index=.GW&term=The+Game++.AW%3DEve+Silver&x=0&y=0&aspect=subtab255The Game by Eve Silver

Rochester, New York, high schooler Miki Jones is pulled into a sort of a game in which she and other teens battle real-life aliens and the consequences of each battle could be deadly.

Read the entire series
  1. Rush
  2. Push