Bakuman by Tsugumi Ohba

Akito Takagi, who wants to be a writer, discovers that his classmate, Moritaka Mashiro, has drawing talent and tries to persuade him that together they can create a manga book, but Moritaka isn't sure if he is up to the task.

Read the entire series:
  1. Dreams and Reality
  2. Chocolate and Akamaru
  3. Debt and Impatience
  4. Phone Call and the Night Before
  5. Yearbook and Photobook
  6. Recklessness and Guts
  7. Gag and Serious
  8. Panchira and Saviour
  9. Ability and Pride
  10. Imagination and Presentation
  11. Title and Character Design
  12. Artist and Manga Artist
  13. Fans and Love at First Sight
  14. Mind Games and Catch Phrases 
  15. Encouragement and Feelings
  16. Rookie and Veteran
  17. One-Shot and Stand Alone
  18. Leeway and Hell
  19. Decision and Joy

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