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Thirteen Chairs

Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton When Jack enters the deserted house in his neighborhood, he finds a group of people who invite him to take the thirteenth chair in the room and share a story--in the house where the ghosts meet.

All We Have Now

All We Have Now by Lisa Schroeder Since she ran away from home Emerson has been living on the streets of Portland, relying on her wits and her friend Vince to get by, but as a meteor approaches North America they meet Carl, who tells them he has been granting people's wishes--so what will they do if this is their last day on Earth, and, more important, what will they do if it is not?

Down by Law

Down by Law by Ni-Ni Simone Fighting to survive and remain strong in the face of brutal losses, Isis is shattered by a run-in with the law that returns her to the mother who abandoned her years earlier.

Pretending to be Erica

Pretending to be Erica by Michelle Painchaud In order to steal a valuable painting, Violet has been preparing her entire life to assume the life of the missing heiress Erica Silverman, but she doesn't count on developing a conscience when the time arrives.

Geek Girl

Geek Girl by Holly Smale When she is accidentally discovered by a modeling agent, fifteen-year-old Harriet jumps at the chance to transform herself from a geek to a fashion model. Read the entire series: Geek Girl Model Misfit


Karneval by Touya Mikanagi Two young men named Nai and Gareki are thrown together when they are framed and pursued by national security forces. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2

Soul Eater Not!

Soul Eater Not! by Atsushi Ohkubo Ding-dong! DEAD-dong! Class is about to begin, and you don't want to be late on your first day of school! Join Tsugumi Harudori in the NOT class at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school dedicated to training transforming Weapons like Tsugumi and the Meisters who will wield them. Many NOT (Normally Overcome Target) students aspire to join the elite EAT (Especially Advantaged Talent) class, but it may take Tsugumi some time to find her confidence-- and a partner-- at this crazy school! - from publisher Read the entire series: Vol.1   Vol. 2 Vol. 3   Vol. 4   Vol. 5

Damage Done

Damage Done by Amanda Panitch Julia Vann has a new identity after being forced to leave town because of her twin brother's terrible crime. Julia is the only survivor but she can't remember what happened--at least, that's what she tells the police

Durarara!! Yellow Scarves

Durarara!! Yellow Scarves by Ryohgo Narita Enraged at the random violence that has shattered the peace of his neighborhood, Kida and his middle school crew, the Yellow Scarves, reunite to address the rise of organized gangs in town. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3

The Young World

The Young World by Christopher Weitz Jefferson, with his childhood friend Donna, leads a tribe of teenagers in New York City on a dangerous quest to find an antidote for a mysterious illness that wiped out all adults and children. Sequel: The New Order

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Arpeggio of Blue Steel by Ark Performance It’s been seventeen long years since the Fleet of Fog—a mysterious, unmanned fleet of powerful vessels that appeared out of nowhere—took control of the oceans, barring humanity from traveling between continents or islands. During those years, people the world over have dreamed of a revolt that would let them take back the seas, but there’s been no hope—until now. A weapon powerful enough to damage the Fog’s vessels has finally been invented, and there’s just one way of getting the critical information and prototypes from Japan to America, where the weapon can produced! The submarine I-401, with its humanoid avatar—a “mental model” named Iona, who’s taken the shape of a young girl—was once part of the Fleet of Fog, but has chosen to side with humanity. Now captained by Chihaya Gunzo and his crew, the I-401 is the only ship under human control that can move freely through the seas. But she answers only to her captain, and he answers to no

Show and Prove

Show and Prove by Sofia Quintero Friends Smiles and Nike spend the summer of 1983 in the South Bronx working a job at a summer camp, chasing girls, and breakdancing.


Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams When Ruth is kidnapped, she's determined not to become this serial-killer's next trophy. After she's able to escape, her captor begins stalking her through the wilderness

Stone Rider

Stone Rider by David Hofmeyr A young man who seeks revenge and redemption from his past joins a brutal race to win a chance to escape his dying world.

All Our Pretty Songs

All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry In the Pacific Northwest, the bond between two best friends is challenged when a mysterious and gifted musician comes between them and awakens an ancient evil. Read the entire series: All Our Pretty Songs Dirty Wings About a Girl


07-Ghost by Yuki Amemiya Teito Klein wants to forget his murky past as an orphan and slave and to graduate from Barsburg's military academy with his best friend Mikage. But when an overheard state secret triggers treasonous memories, he's forced to flee from the very empire he once sought to defend! Deliberately leaving Mikage behind, Teito escapes to the Barsburg Church. There, with the help of its three bishops, he begins to unravel his role in the story of an evil god, seven ghosts, two rival empires, and his own mysterious past. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5  

Cheating for the Chicken Man

Cheating for the Chicken Man by Priscilla Cummings High school freshman Kate has a lot on her mind, what with taking care of her heartbroken mother and looking after the family chicken farm in Maryland, but she promised her dying father to look after her older brother who is just back from juvenile detention--and this year that seems to involve paying off the bullies at school by doing their school work.


Deceptive by Emily Lloyd-Jones When immune Americans, those having acquired powers after receiving an experimental vaccine, begin to disappear in great numbers but seemingly at random, unrest spreads across the country and super-powered teens Ciere, Daniel, and Devon find themselves working together to find the truth.

Moment of Truth Series

Moment of Truth Series by Lauren Barnholdt "Before graduation, I promise to learn to trust" is what the email Lyla McAfee wrote to herself as a freshman, to be delivered right before graduation, says--but on the senior trip to Florida she discovers that what she now considers a silly sentiment may be a lot harder, and a lot more important, than she thinks. Read the entire series: Heat of the Moment One Moment in Time From this Moment

No Such Person

No Such Person by Caroline B. Cooney A murder mystery in a small town raises suspicions when a member of a well-regarded family in the community is implicated.

Singular Menace

Singular Menace by John Sandford Searching for her reckless hacker brother in Hollywood despite scant resources, 16-year-old Shay receives a frantic call from him only to learn that they are both being targeted by a ruthless research company that is conducting unspeakable experiments. Read the entire series: Uncaged   Outrage

Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and Bunny by Sakakibara In a city where the activities of the superheroes who protect the streets are filmed by a popular show called "Hero TV," veteran hero Wild Tiger and hotheaded rookie Bunny team up to fight crime and earn as many "Hero TV" points as possible. Read the entire series: Vol. 1   Vol. 2 Vol. 3    Vol. 4 Vol. 5   

Dragonar Academy

Dragonar Academy by Shiki Mizuchi Learning to ride and tame dragons comes easy to most students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy--except for first-year student Ash Blake, who is known by his fellow classmates as the "number one problem child." Poor Ash is the laughingstock at school because, despite his unfashionably large star-shaped brand that marks him as a future dragon master, he has nothing to show for it. His dragon has never appeared. Until now, that is. One fateful day, Ash's dragon awakes in full glory, but appears different than any dragon ever seen before--in the form of a beautiful girl! What's worse, Ash soon discovers that this new dragon has attitude to spare, as she promptly informs him that she is the master, and he, the servant. Ash's problems with dragon riding have only just begun. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5 Vol. 6

Devils and Realist

Devils and Realist by Madoka Takadono William Twining's formerly wealthy family is bankrupt, and while searching his home for objects to sell, he finds a secret room and mistakenly summons a demon who informs William that he will choose the next king of Hell. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3 Vol. 4 Vol. 5  


Paperweight by Meg Halston Enduring regimented and intrusive treatment at an eating-disorder center, seventeen-year-old Stevie is haunted by guilt for her brother's fatal accident and secretly plans to commit suicide on the anniversary of his death.

Silver in the Blood

Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George In 1897, seventeen-year-olds Dacia and Lou, New York socialites and cousins, visit their maternal homeland of Romania and learn the family secret--that they are shapeshifters, expected to take their rightful places and marry proper husbands.

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten They say Delia burned burned herself to death in her stepfather's shed, but June does not believe it was suicide because she and Delia used to be closer than anything, but one night a year ago, everything changed when they and June's boyfriend Ryan let their good time get out of hand, and now, a year later, June owes it to Delia to know if her best friend committed suicide or was murdered.

Jesse's Girl

Jesse's Girl by Miranda Kenneally On Career Shadow Day, Maya gets paired with pop star Jesse Scott, who rose to fame at a young age and has no real friends, and although the last thing Maya wants is to be reminded of how music broke her heart, she and Jesse might be just what the other needs. But can they open up enough to become real friends--or even something more?

The Fixer

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes When her grandfather develops dementia, sixteen-year-old Tess, who has been keeping his Montana ranch going, is whisked away to Washington, D.C., by a sister she barely knows and thrown into a world of politics, power, wealth, love triangles, and family secrets.

Remnant Chronicles

Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson Princess Lia flees an unwanted marriage and expectations about her supernatural legacy only to be pursued by her jilted fiancĂ© and a ruthless assassin. Read the entire series: Kiss of Deception The Heart of Betrayal  

The Six

The Six by Mark Alpert Adam, crippled by muscular dystrophy, and five other terminally ill teenagers sacrifice their bodies and upload their minds into weaponized robots to battle a dangerously advanced artificial intelligence program bent on destroying humanity.

You and Me and Him

You and Me and Him by Kris Dinnison Maggie Bowers thinks she knows what to expect her junior year of high school, but when she and her out-of-the-closet best friend Nash have feelings for the same boy she wonders if winning someone's heart means losing her soul mate.


Yukarism by Chika Shiomi Seventeen-year-old accomplished author Yukari Kobayakawa writes about historical Japan, but what people do not know is that he has the power to slip into his past life in the Edo period as beautiful courtesan Yumurasaki. Read the entire series: Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3

A Million Miles Away

A Million Miles Away by Lara Avery Shortly after her boyfriend, Peter, is deployed to Afghanistan, high school senior Michelle dies in a car crash and when her bereft twin, Kelsey, connects with Peter she is unable to tell him the truth as, through their separate woes, they support each other and begin to fall in love.

Don't Ever Change

Don't Ever Change by M. Beth Bloom Aspiring author Eva takes to heart the words of her high school English teacher and spends the summer before she goes away to college trying to figure out just what she knows and enjoying new experiences that she can draw from in her writing.