Diary of a Haunting

http://hip1.sjvls.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=Q4R0J17705722.67836&menu=search&aspect=subtab255&npp=20&ipp=20&spp=100&profile=thq&ri=&term=&index=.GW&x=0&y=0&aspect=subtab255&term=Diary+of+a+Haunting&index=.TW&term=Verano&index=.AW&term=&index=.SW&term=&index=.NW&term=&index=.SE&term=&index=.STW&term=&index=.EW&sort=Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano

Moving to Idaho with their mother after a high-profile divorce, Paige records in her diary the bizarre paranormal activities that occur in her new home, which she discovers was once the site of bizarre cult rituals.

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