http://hip1.sjvls.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=1441VQ4809V85.115158&menu=search&aspect=subtab255&npp=20&ipp=20&spp=100&profile=thq&ri=8&source=~!horizon&index=.TW&term=Edgewater++.AW%3DSheinmel&x=11&y=11&aspect=subtab255Edgewater by Courtney Sheinmel

Lorrie Hollander lives with her unstable aunt Gigi in a decrepit eyesore of a mansion called Edgewater, but when Charlie, the son of an esteemed senator, takes an interest in Lorrie she is ashamed of her lifestyle until she learns Charlie's family is hiding something too, and that their secrets are inextricably tied.

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