Poet Anderson... of Nightmares

http://hip1.sjvls.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=14443226M84O3.48845&menu=search&aspect=subtab255&npp=20&ipp=20&spp=100&profile=thq&ri=&term=&index=.GW&x=0&y=0&aspect=subtab255&term=Poet+Anderson+&index=.TW&term=Delonge&index=.AW&term=&index=.SW&term=&index=.NW&term=&index=.SE&term=&index=.STW&term=&index=.EW&sort=Poet Anderson... of Nightmares by Tom Delonge

Poet Anderson tells the story of two Lucid Dreaming teen brothers, recently orphaned, who are on a journey to a life on their own. After a car accident lands Alan in a coma, Jonas sets out into the Dream World to find and awaken his brother. With the help of a guardian Dream Walker, Jonas must battle the Night Terror and REM to save his brother. - from the publisher

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