We'll Never Be Apart

http://hip1.sjvls.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=1Q4423526G7F4.2196&menu=search&aspect=subtab255&npp=20&ipp=20&spp=100&profile=thq&ri=1&source=~!horizon&index=.TW&term=We%27ll+Never+Be+Apart++.AW%3DJean&x=22&y=15&aspect=subtab255We'll Never Be Apart byEmiko Jean

Haunted by memories of the fire that killed her boyfriend and twin sister, seventeen-year-old Alice Monroe is in a mental ward when, with support from fellow patient Chase, she begins to confront hidden truths in a journal, including that the only person she trusts may be telling her only half of the story.

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