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Secret by Yoshiki Tonogai

Six survivors of a bus crash are given a week to answer for their crimes or have evidence against them handed over to the police.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3 (Coming Soon)

Strange Girl

Strange Girl by Christopher Pike

Told from the perspective of a seventeen-year-old boy in love with a mysterious girl who seems to have an unearthly ability to heal, but the ability carries quite a cost.

Everything But the Truth

Everything But the Truth by Amanda Hubbard

Holly Mathews lives at a retirement home for the super wealthy that her mother manages on expensive Mercer Island, but when she meets Malik Buchannan, grandson of one of the residents, she allows him to think that she just visiting, so he will accept heras belonging to his A-list world--it is just supposed to be a summer fling, but soon she finds herself falling in love.

Black Butler

Black Butler by Yana Toboso

Sebastian Michaelis, the butler to Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve-year-old earl, is the perfect servant, adept at every task from preparing meals to dispatching gangsters, so good at everything he does that he cannot possibly be human.

Black Butler series:
Vol. IVol. IIVol. IIIVol. IVVol. V

Inu X Boku SS

Inu X Boku SS by Cocoa Fujiwara

Ririchiyo moves to the apartment building Maison de Ayakashi in order to get some solitude, but what she gets instead is a canine secret service agent assigned to protect her and never leave her side.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5

Lunar Chronicles

Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

When Cinder, a gifted cyborg with a mysterious past, becomes entangled with the handsome Prince Kai, she finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle to save humankind from a deadly plague and ruthless lunar beings.

Read the entire series:
CinderScarlet CressWinter Companion book:
Fairest A retelling of Cinderella


Unforgiven by Lauren Kate

Dark angel Cam made a bet with Lucifer: he has fifteen days to convince the only girl who really matters to him to love him again. If he succeeds, Lilith will be allowed back into the world, and they can live their lives together. But if he fails ... there's a special place in Hell just for him.

Companion to the Fallen series.


Soundless by Richelle Mead

With the residents of her mountain village who are all deaf now slowly losing their sight, Fei sets out for a forbidden place to find out why she is suddenly able to hear after a vivid dream, and she learns a surprising truth about her village.

All the Major Constellations

All the Major Constellations by Pratima Cranse

After Andrew's best friend is hit by a drunk driver and ends up in a coma, his crush invites him to find comfort with her fundamentalist Christian group.

Summer on East End

Summer on East End Series by Melissa de la Cruz

Twin witches (and Norse goddesses) Molly and Mardi Overbrook are sent to North Hampton for the summer where they must learn to control their powers before the White Council exiles them to Limbo.

Read the entire series:
Triple Moon

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne

Making friends at a new school before managing to get on the wrong side of the school's queen bee, then finding out that the guy she's started to like, funny and sweet Sean, hangs with the mean crowd, fiery-haired Autumn records her struggles in a journal that belonged to her late father and suddenly her wildest wishes begin coming true.

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Autumn FallsAutumn's Kiss

The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher

Seeking to overthrow her tyrannical mother to restore equality to faeriekind, princess Elora is charged by a potential ally to deliver a sacrifice in the form of a teen boy who would earn redemption for an accident that killed his younger brother.

Red the entire series:
The Last ChangelingThe Last Faerie Queen

Dangerous Lies

Dangerous Lies by Becca

After witnessing a murder, high school senior Stella Gordon is sent to Nebraska for her own safety where she chafes at her protection, but when she meets Chet Falconer it becomes harder for her to keep her guard up, and soon she has to deal with the real threat to her life as her enemies are actually closer than she thinks.

Finishing School Series

Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger

In an alternate England of 1851, spirited fourteen-year-old Sophronia is enrolled in a finishing school where, she is suprised to learn, lessons include not only the fine arts of dance, dress, and etiquette, but also diversion, deceit, and espionage.

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Etiquette & EspionageCurtsies & ConspiraciesWaistcoats & Weaponry Manners & Mutiny

The Naturals

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Possessing an almost supernatural sense of intuition that helps her read people and places, 17-year-old Cassie is recruited by the FBI to help solve infamous cold cases and is sent to live with equally talented teens comprising an elite group of criminal profilers who will have to use all their gifts in order to survive when a new killer strikes.

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The NaturalsKiller Instinct All In

The Inventor's Secret

The Inventor's Secret by Andrea R. Cremer

In an alternate nineteenth-century America that is still a colony of Britain's industrial empire, sixteen-year-old Charlotte and her fellow refugees' struggle to survive is interrupted by a newcomer with no memory, bearing secrets about a terrible future.

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The Inventor's SecretThe Conjurer's Riddle


Princeless by Jeremy Whitley

Follow the adventures of Princess Adrienne, a princess who's tired of waiting to be rescued. Along with her guardian dragon, Sparky, they begin their own quest in an all-ages action adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued -- and who are ready to save themselves.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4 (coming soon)

Oresama Teacher

Oresama Teacher by Izumi Tsubaki

Mafuyu, leader of her high school gang, is expelled for being a delinquent and sent to an isolated school in the country. Mafuyu decides to work at becoming more feminine and well-behaved, but when she defends a guy who is getting beat up, she discovers the victim is her teacher.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5


Nisekoi by Naoshi Komi

Raku, still searching for his childhood sweetheart whose name and face he cannot remember, is upset when his gangster father arranges a love match between Raku and a rival gang leader's daughter.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5

Kiss of the Rose Princess

Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto

Expecting a terrible punishment when she loses the rose choker her father gave her, Anise Yamamoto instead receives four magical cards, each able to summon a knight who has the power to help her on an unknown quest.

Read the entire series:
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3 Vol. 4Vol. 5