Dangerous Lies

http://hip1.sjvls.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=1447445J5C2A4.137796&menu=search&aspect=subtab255&npp=20&ipp=20&spp=100&profile=thq&ri=4&source=~!horizon&index=.TW&term=Dangerous+Lies++.AW%3DFitzpatrick&x=9&y=18&aspect=subtab255Dangerous Lies by Becca

After witnessing a murder, high school senior Stella Gordon is sent to Nebraska for her own safety where she chafes at her protection, but when she meets Chet Falconer it becomes harder for her to keep her guard up, and soon she has to deal with the real threat to her life as her enemies are actually closer than she thinks.

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