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Virtual Reality at the Visalia Branch Library

Visalia Branch Library has an Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch.  I f you’ve ever wanted to try out Virtual Reality technology, you can, thanks to our grant award!*  Excited? You should be! To say virtual reality is immersive is an understatement. You will feel like you could fall into the Grand Canyon with one misstep. You will really feel like you are experiencing zero G in Mission ISS.  You will want to reach out and touch aliens lifeforms standing right in front of you—or maybe you’ll want to run away! VR is not just about the amazing experiences, either. We have programs for content creators—you can paint your own masterpiece in Quill, and your own 3D landscapes in Pantheon.  Some of the content you can experience as a user or creator includes:      Farlands, an interactive research mission of a gorgeously rendered alien planet   Google Earth, which lets you virtually explore anywhere on Earth ·           Mission: ISS, where you can take a trip into orbit a