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Teens! Want Job Experience in a Library Setting? Apply to be a Summer Intern.

Visalia Branch of the Tulare County Library is now accepting applications for the Summer Intern position, offered thanks to the 
Friends of the Tulare County Library Scholarship
Please pick up an application at the Visalia Branch Library Children’s Reference Desk, and return your completed application here no later than 
April 7, 2018

This is a fantastic opportunity for teens 15-19!   
You'll get training and on-the-job supervisory experience. You'll work with families and your fellow teens. You'll create weekly schedules and learn to delegate. You'll assist at our vital Lunch at the Library program. You'll assist with special events, like our popular E&M Reptile show and Tween scavenger hunt! You'll make a lot of great friends, too. =)

Some more info. . . 
This position is open to teens ages 15-19 through the generous Friends of the Tulare County Library Scholarship. A stipend of $250 - $300 will be awarded to the intern(s) upon successful completion of the Visalia Branch Library’s Summer Reading Program Internship. Up to four interns will be selected. Previous interns may apply. 

An intern must be:
·       Available to set up the prize room and schedule volunteers starting on June 5th
·      Available a minimum of 12 hours per week during the Summer Reading Program, which runs from June 12th through July 21st. 
·      Able to coordinate and schedule teen volunteers. Teen volunteers will be scheduled shifts in the prize room during the following hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am-7pm
Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 12pm-4pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

·         Extra help will be needed at special events Thursday events at 11am and 3pm. You may also be asked to help schedule volunteers for our Lunch at the Library program, weekdays at 12:30pm. This will mean making sure the following hours are covered by at least one volunteer (or intern) at all times.

Please note that individual, flexible schedules will be arranged between the intern and the library, based on library needs and intern availability. Please note that the award of the scholarship is dependent on your ability to adhere to your schedule and assigned tasks. If selected, you must complete your full internship to receive the scholarship. If you are dismissed for misconduct or failure to work your assigned shifts, you will not receive the scholarship nor will you receive a recommendation letter or reference from library staff.

We will begin interviewing our top applicants on April 17th. 

For more info, please call email or call 559-713-2732. 

This is a serious opportunity, but loads of fun. (Below is a photo of last year's awesome interns and summer reading volunteers at our Volunteer Party/Lock-in.) 

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