#MurderTrending, by Gretchen McNeil

@doctorfusionbebop: Some 17 y. o. chick named Dee Guerrera was just sent to Alcatraz 2.0 for killing her stepsister. So, how long do you think she'll last?

@morrisdavis72195: I hope she meets justice! She'll get what's coming to her! BWAHAHA!

@EltonJohnForevzz: Me? I think Dee's innocent. And I hope she can survive.

"#MurderTrending is the buzzy new YA dystopia of the summer." ―Entertainment Weekly

"In this biting satire of reality shows and today's U.S. political atmosphere...McNeil offers a tense, fast-paced tale that balances gore, pop culture, and dark comedy." ―Publishers Weekly

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